Masters in Computer Science

University of Tartu, Estonia

Fees & Scholarships

If you have to pay tuition fees, it will be 3000 euros per semester or 120 euros per credit point in the academic year for students admitted in 2019. (Being 2200€ per semester / 77€ per credit point to students admitted in years 2017-2018.) The Master’s programme consists of 120 credit-points (30 credits per semester nominally).

However, when it comes to tuition fees and scholarships, we have several good news:

  • At least 80% students will receive tuition-waivers for full-time studies. One important disclaimer though: these tuition-waivers are for students who complete a full-time study load of 30 credit-points (ECTS) per semester. Students who do not complete 30 credit-points per semester will pay tuition fees of € 120 per missing credit point below the required number of ECTS per semester. Past history indicates that over 90% of international students who study full-time in this curriculum complete the required number of credit points per semester. (Please check the detailed tuition-waiver rules for details)
  • In addition to the tuition-waivers scholarships, we have a number of monthly stipends:

And if that’s not enough, here is a third good news:

  • You don’t even have to apply for a tuition-waiver nor most of the stipend-paying scholarships. All students who apply for admission in this Master’s program are automatically considered candidates for tuition-waiver and stipend-paying scholarships. The tuition-waiver and stipend-paying scholarships will be offered to the top candidates in the ranking. So all you need to do is to submit your application, and wait for the notification, which will tell you whether or not you are admitted to the programme, with or without tuition-waiver scholarship, and with or without stipend-paying scholarship. Simple! You would only need to apply separately for European Social Fund Scholarship and Industrial Master’s Programme.

And if you want even more good news, here go yet another three:

  • Once you have started the Master’s program, you may apply for other scholarships. Some of our industry partners (e.g. Cybernetica and Playtech) offer scholarships to enrolled students based on their academic performance. Other scholarships include government study allowances and scholarships granted by University of Tartu’s foundation.
  • Information about other scholarships is available here.

If you wish to learn more about scholarships and other opportunities to study IT in Estonia, see

Meet graduate student:
Mark Fišel

For a motivated student studying computer science the University of Tartu was a perfect professional development platform. Any questions outside the scope of the subject were gladly answered. Initiative was never dismissed but[…]