Masters in Computer Science

University of Tartu, Estonia

Successful first admissions in 2015

The first admissions to Master’s of Computer Science in 2015 was a success with 259 applicants from abroad and 37 from Estonia. We are glad to see that we have received applications from all over the world, among them applicants from Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, India, Iran, and many others. The first admissions period proved that there is strong interest towards studying computer science in Estonia and in the future we hope to work on further increasing this.

The 45 top-ranked students will be offered admission with tuition-waving scholarships. Additionally, 10-15 students will be recipients of a monthly scholarship from the Estonian IT Academy.

Applications will be assessed based on past academic performance and motivation. Notifications of admission will be sent by early June.

Taivo Pungas
Meet graduate student:
Taivo Pungas

Masters-level CS courses are some of the most demanding courses I’ve taken at University of Tartu. However, since the workload is high, you have no option but to learn a lot. By solving...

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