Masters in Computer Science

University of Tartu, Estonia

International career prospects

Tartu’s Masters in Computer Science prepares students for a career path leading to high-end technical as well as managerial roles (e.g. project/team leader or technology officer). Graduates of this programme are well equipped to join the highly dynamic software industry in all European countries.

Our students define our future.

Sample graduate destinations

Veljo Otsason
Class of 2005
now a Partner at Mobi Solutions

Kristo Käärmann
Class of 2006
now the Founder and CEO of Trasferwise

Jevgeni Kabanov
Class of 2007
now a Founder & CEO of ZeroTurnaround

Liina Kamm
Class of 2007
now a Researcher at Cybernetica

Margus Niitsoo
Class of 2008
now a Founder of Music Education LLC and a Lecturer at the University of Tartu

Jelena Zaitseva
Class 2008
now a Team Lead at Axinom

Jaana Metsamaa
Class of 2010
now a Head of Project Management at Fortumo

Riivo Talviste
Class of 2011

now a Junior Researcher at Cybernetica

Meelis Kull
Class of 2013
now a Research Associate at University of Bristol

Pelle Jakovits
Class of 2014
PhD Junior Researcher and a Teaching Assistant at the University of Tartu



Kristjan-Julius Laak
Meet graduate student:
Kristjan-Julius Laak

The Master’s programme in CS in the University of Tartu provides students with world-class facilities for gaining deep understanding and practical skills in the field. Supportive environment, team-work oriented learning and leading experts...

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